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Resumes for Veterans believes veterans and their spouses deserve every advantage in their job search, including an effective resume. To help with the challenge of “selling” themselves to civilian employers, we developed a tool which uses 21st-century technology and delivers a dynamic resume that features images, downloadable files, and hyperlinks, all available to the employer.  Our career coaches are trained to work effectively with each veteran/spouse, and assure their resume is a concise and powerful summary of their professional experience and assets.

Established in 2012, the mission of Welcome Home Resumes is to reduce the unemployment and underemployment crisis that exists for our veterans and their families by offering a no-cost opportunity to create a compelling resume. Our “Interactive Resume” for veterans, changes how employers view veterans and their abilities and gives the employer a more in-depth look at the person behind the uniform. Featuring military medals awarded to veterans for meeting mission goals, links to former employers for verification, and much more, we offer a user-friendly tool for employers and veterans. In 2019, we reorganized the program to expand our reach and support more veterans. Welcome Home Resumes is now Resumes for Veterans.

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